Time for Americans to fight economic disparity with their consumer power

Cherri Senders, founder and publisher of Labor 411, writes on the sharpening focus of Americans on economic inequality and the need to take further action. Read her take on the power of the American consumer in her op-ed for the Los Angeles Daily News.

The single mother working two jobs who still can’t afford a decent place to live for her kids. The Army veteran flipping burgers at McDonald’s who needs food stamps to avoid going hungry. The 50-year-old struggling on $9 an hour after his skilled job was outsourced.

These are the stories that are pushing more and more Americans to call for higher minimum wages and other measures to reverse the country’s slide toward Dickensian levels of desperation. Now, with economic inequality center stage in the U.S., it’s time to take a page from other social movements and galvanize the enormous power of American consumers. This strategy, combined with aggressive action by elected officials, may well hold the key to avoiding what former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has called “inequality for all.”

Read the full article in the Los Angeles Daily News

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