The Trump Administration’s Proposed Overtime Change Is A Disaster For Millions Of Workers

Overtime for workers is under attack by the current administration – and millions of workers stand lose if the administration gets its way.

The Economic Policy Institute reports:

President Donald Trump’s administration is close to publishing a new proposal that would dramatically weaken Department of Labor’s 2016 overtime rule. The adoption of this new rule would leave behind millions of workers who would have gotten overtime protections under the 2016 guidelines.

The 2016 rule, which was held up in court following a challenge by business trade associations and Republican-led states, would have increased the threshold to $913 per week—$47,476 for a full-year worker—and then indexed it to wage growth going forward. That rule was the result of an exhaustive rulemaking process spanning more than two years. During this period, DOL met with more than 200 organizations on all sides of the issue and reviewed and incorporated input from over a quarter million public comments . . .

Bloomberg is reporting that, despite the painstaking determination of the threshold in the 2016 rule and the fact that that threshold is well within historical norms, the Trump administration is about to publish a rule with a dramatically lower threshold, around $35,000 a year for a full-year worker. A preliminary calculation suggests that well over half of the workers who would have gotten new or strengthened overtime protections under the 2016 rule would be left behind by this rule.”

For the rest of the story, visit the Economic Policy Institute here.

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