Trump Lashes Out At Firefighters After They Endorse Biden

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden got under President Donald Trump’s (thin) skin after the International Association of Fire Fighters officially endorsed Biden.

Trump predictably took to Twitter to unleash his anger on the labor union.

It does seem that Trump has been obsessed about union dues lately. In March, he (bizarrely, confusingly, and embarrassingly) blamed union dues for GM’s decision to lay off thousands of people.

Maybe he has no good arguments against unions, so he greatly exaggerates the dues that members pay.

He apparently wants people to forget that running a union, engaging in collective bargaining, maintaining a strike fund, and so on costs money. And that money comes from dues.

Is this outrage by Trump a sign that he feels threatened by Biden? Time will tell. But it is clear that Biden will likely receive many more endorsements, which means more public tantrums from an increasingly unstable president.

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