Trump Labor Agency Pick Is On Rampage Against Unions, Looking For Pro-Union Cases To Overturn

Trump appointee Peter Robb has his sights on labor unions.

“The National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel is on pace this fiscal year to revive seven times more unfair labor practice cases that were brought against unions than against employers, driven in part by directives he’s issued calling for stricter rules for organized labor, according to a review of agency records and interviews with attorneys,” reports Bloomberg Law.

Yes, seven times more against unions than employers. The Trump Administration is making it clear that it favors management over the unions representing workers.

According to Bloomberg Law, Robb “first made that change in an internal memo in September, tweaked his policy in a publicly issued directive a month later, and further clarified it in March . . . [And] he instructed regional staffers to go after unions when they enforce some requirements on workers who want to withdraw their permission to have dues automatically withdrawn from their paychecks.”

When Trump campaigned for the presidency, he promised that he would put American workers first. But instead he has waged an all-out war against labor unions who exist to protect workers and give them a voice on the job.

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