UAW Strikes Have Begun At All Of The Big Three

Autoworkers at factories at the Big Three are officially on strike.

The carmakers had until 11:59 PM yesterday to agree to a fair deal. When they refused, the workers took to the picket lines.

With billions and billions in profits over the last few years, the Big Three are being asked to share some of that wealth with those who make the cars.

The UAW issued the following statement as the strike deadline passed Thursday night:

“A few minutes ago, thousands of UAW members at Ford, GM, and Stellantis walked out, marking the beginning of the Stand Up Strike. 

UAW members at GM Wentzville Assembly, Local 2250 in Region 4 are ON STRIKE 

UAW members at Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex, Local 12 in Region 2B are ON STRIKE 

UAW members at Ford Michigan Assembly Plant – Final Assembly and Paint, Local 900 in Region 1A are ON STRIKE. 

This fight is our generation’s defining moment. Not just at the Big Three, but across the entire working class. 

We will stand up for ourselves.
We will stand up for our families.
We will stand up for our communities.”

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