Union-Made School Supplies Checklist

Make sure that backpack is stuffed with union-quality school supplies. Take our checklist out and be happy knowing you’ve passed the union-made test!

Paper Products:
International Paper Co.
Mead Lined Paper
Roaring Spring Environotes Index cards

Notebooks and Binders:
Acco/Mead; Day-Timer
Roaring Spring Pocket Folders
Roaring Spring Composition Books
Roaring Springs Wirebound Notebooks
Roaring Spring Legal Pads

Student and Teacher Supplies:
Master Lock
Kleenex Tissues
Puffs Tissues
Martin Weber Art Supplies
Roaring Spring Art Supplies

Aunt Jemima
Jif Peanut Butter
Smucker’s Jams & Jellies
Minute Maid Juice
Mott’s apple sauce

Slim Jim
Nabisco Wheat Thins
Farmer John lunch meat
Oroweat bread

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