Unionized Hollywood Employs More Workers Than Farming, Mining, And Oil Extraction

The U.S. film industry, one of the most union-dense in the country, now employs more people than some of the major sectors of the economy.

Bloomberg reports:

“The U.S. television and film industry has become a bigger employer than farming, oil and gas extraction, and mining, according to an analysis by the Motion Picture Association of America.

The production and distribution of TV shows and movies directly employ more people in 34 states than each of those industries, the group said.

The report illustrates how broadly the U.S. entertainment industry has grown beyond the known creative enclaves of Los Angeles and New York. Jobs in television and film directly generated $76 billion in wages, with salaries that are 47 percent higher than the national average, the group said. The analysis of 2017 U.S. economic data was partly delayed by the government shutdown earlier this year, and included jobs linked to pay television for the first time, the MPAA said.

The entertainment industry has spread across the U.S., beyond Southern California where the warm, sunny climate drew filmmakers to build the first production companies at the turn of the 20th century. Other states — including Georgia, Louisiana and Illinois — have used subsidies to draw production away from California to create their own thriving hubs.”
For the rest of the story, visit Bloomberg here.

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