Unionized Starbucks Workers Walk Off The Job

As COVID rages, Starbucks employees protested the lack of adequate measures by the company.

National Public Radio reports:

“Employees of a Starbucks store in upstate New York who voted to unionize last month walked off the job Wednesday, saying they lacked the staff and resources to work safely amid surging COVID-19 cases.

Six employees who had been scheduled to work formed a picket line outside the Buffalo store, leading Starbucks to close it for the day, the company said. Three other employees had remained inside.

‘Pressure to go to work is being put on many of us, when some of us already have other health issues. The company has again shown that they continue to put profits above people,’ Starbucks Workers United said in a statement.

All of the Buffalo-area stores have been operating as ‘grab-and-go’ locations since Monday, Starbucks said. More than 15,000 people have tested positive in Erie County over the past week, the highest seven-day total to date.”

For the rest of the story, visit National Public Radio here.

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