Unions Win Elections At 17 Starbucks This Week, But The Company Is Starting To Win More Elections Too

A huge number of Starbucks locations went union this week. 17 in total for the first four days of the week so far.

But, at the same time, the company’s anti-union efforts are starting to bear some fruit. Throughout this year, Starbucks has been losing roughly 90% of NLRB elections to union. This week, however, it won 7 out of the 24 elections.

The company’s victories the past few days could be an outlier. After all, some of the union losses were very close: two were ties, one was by one vote, and another by two votes. Those are hardly crushing numbers.

Next week could possibly bring another 90% win rate by unions. But if it doesn’t, then the pro-union forces might need to take a second look at the company’s union-busting tactics to see how best to counter any upsurge in management wins.

The NLRB election vote counts from this week are below:

Union Victories (Yes to No votes)

Flint, MI: 13 to 6
West Hartford, CT: 13 to 3
Oviedo, FL: 14 to 6
Clinton Township, MI: 8 to 3
Lansing, MI: 13 to 3
Anaheim, CA: 10 to 1
Colorado Springs, CO: 12 to 4
Seattle, WA: 8 to 0
Ann Arbor, MI: 14 to 0
Ann Arbor, MI: 10 to 2
Albany, NY: 15 to 0
Ann Arbor, MI: 10 to 3
Chicago, IL: 5 to 3
Memphis, TN: 11 to 3
Seattle, WA: 12 to 0
Capitola, CA: 8 to 3
Atlanta, GA: 10 to 1

Union Losses (Yes to No Votes)

Mill Valley, CA: 6 to 7
Seattle, WA: 7 to 7
Ann Arbor, MI: 10 to 16
Chicago, IL: 6 to 7
Chicago, IL: 8 to 10
Grand Blanc, MI: 8 to 13
Chandler, AZ: 1 to 9

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