Walmart Offers Store Discount, Not Time-And-A-Half Holiday Pay, To Thanksgiving Workers

More reports are coming in that Walmart is offering a measly discount to Thanksgiving Day workers. This from a company headed by the Walton family, who are worth $201 billion.

The Guardian reports:

“‘Walmart doesn’t offer holiday pay. They have a discount you have to work certain days to receive and one discount only lasts two days,’ said a Walmart worker in Idaho who requested to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. They are re scheduled to work full-time shifts on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday this year.

‘No one is getting paid extra. You can’t get overtime unless it’s approved.’

The worker shared a flyer promoting the 10% discount offered Walmart employees in December, with another 15% discount offered to workers who work shifts from Wednesday to Saturday, to use once on two specific days in December. A Walmart spokesperson confirmed the discount.”

For the rest of the story, visit the Guardian here.

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