Walmart Shareholders To Employees: Thanks For Making Us Rich, No You Can’t Have A Worker Advisory Council

Walmart’s stock price has doubled in the last five years. It’s gone up 20% in the past year alone. And while the employees do the work to generate wealth for the shareholders, their modest worker advisory council idea is shot down coldly by the company investors.

The Guardian reports:

“Social justice campaigner the Rev. William Barber II told Walmart executives its workers ‘feared for their lives every day’ during the Covid-19 pandemic and urged the board to create a worker advisory council at the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting on Wednesday.

Shareholders at the virtual meeting voted on issues including executive compensation and on whether to create a pandemic workforce advisory council, which would give workers at the country’s largest private employer a voice in corporate decisions. Shareholders voted against creating the council, according to preliminary vote results announced in the meeting.

‘There are hundreds of your workers who are not alive today, because of this vicious coronavirus that was allowed to spread through your stores, largely in secret, as your workers feared for their lives every day,’ Barber said, while presenting the proposal in a pre-recorded statement.

Barber, president of Repairers of the Breach and co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, told shareholders that many workers contracted Covid-19 and spread it to family ‘all because they were too poor to stay home from work, too afraid of retaliation to get the time off, too beaten down by this system to be truly supported by this company and by our government in this dire hour for our nation’.

The public health not-for-profit Human Impact Partners found in April that more than 7,500 Covid-19 infections and 133 deaths could have been prevented if Walmart offered employees two weeks of paid sick leave.”

For the rest of the story, visit the Guardian here.

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