Watch as Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Trump Store for its Foreign-Made Products

By Sahid Fawaz

The Trump Administration and family loves to talk about American-made. As Jimmy Kimmel points out below, however, the Trump Store doesn’t seem to like selling items made in the USA.

ABC7 reports:

“Jimmy Kimmel is taking issue with the Trump-branded merchandise he bought from the official Trump Organization store.

The comedian and late-night host unboxed his haul on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night, noting that despite the president’s pro-business policy and “America first” rhetoric, the majority of the items he bought were manufactured outside of the United States.

A golf hat, golf club cover, duffel bag, shoe bag, blanket and collector’s medallion were all listed as being made in China, while a mug Kimmel ordered was made in Thailand and a bib was manufactured in Peru. The golf club cover, while made in China, was decorated in the United States.

 But what really drew Kimmel’s ire were two other items: a gold bar coin bank and a pet bandana, neither of which specified their country of origin, potentially violating federal labeling requirements.”

See Kimmel’s segment below in its entirety:

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