While Trump Applauds Janus Decision, He Collects A $168,000 Union Pension

By Sahid Fawaz

President Donald Trump can’t cheer enough about today’s Janus decision. Yet it turns out that he collects a handsome pension each year courtesy of a collective bargaining agreement.

Mic.com reports:

“Donald Trump ran for president as a self-proclaimed champion of working-class people — a self-image he has maintained mostly by taking credit for saving U.S. jobs he had little to no part in saving.

Yet Trump has ignored a potential disaster for America’s blue-collar workers much larger than the loss of a few thousand jobs: a growing crisis for major pension funds that threatens to dramatically cut the retirement savings of hundreds of thousands of unionized workers, many of whom have already begun their retirement.

Fixing that system ought to be a natural priority for Trump, not only because policy solutions already exist that will help save American workers’ nest eggs, but also because doing so would help secure Donald Trump’s own union pension. 

Yes, you read that right: Donald Trump has union pension.

Among the many remarkable discoveries found in Trump’s limited financial disclosures to date is the fact that the self-proclaimed billionaire real-estate mogul was, as recently as 2015, still collecting a $168,000 pension — and maybe more — from the Screen Actors Guild for playing himself in The Apprentice.”

For the rest of the story, see the Mic.com story here.

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