With Revenue Up 41%, Google Cuts Pay For Workers In North Carolina

Google workers in North Carolina are protesting pay cuts after the company had a banner year in 2021.

The Washington Post reports:

“Google has lowered salaries for new workers in some North Carolina offices, one of the areas company executives say is meant to help increase the overall diversity of the tech giant’s workforce.

Employees raised concerns that Google cut wages in the ‘Triangle’ area of Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh in 2020 for new employees and those who moved there to lower levels than comparable metro areas, according to a letter posted this week on an internal forum obtained by The Washington Post and confirmed by employees there. That is a problem, they say, because the company is using the area as a place to help recruit more Black engineers.

Stock equity grants, which typically make up a significant portion of tech workers’ total compensation, are also being reduced starting last month. For some employees, that means their stock grants could be 25 percent lower than if they worked at other Google offices, like in Atlanta, the workers said in the letter.

The employees say they want the salary cut reversed, and a commitment from their bosses to be more transparent about how regional salary differences are determined.

‘Why is this new policy being introduced after our work contributed to a record-breaking performance in the stock market, in spite of Covid-19?,’ the employees wrote in the letter. Google made $257.6 billion in revenue in 2021, up 41 percent from 2020.”

For the rest of the story, visit the Washington Post here.

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