Worker: GM Told Us About Plant Closing By Playing A Video In The Break Room

You would think that an event as devastating to workers and their community as a plant closing would be handled with some tact by GM.

But according to workers, the announcement was made known to workers via a video shown in the break room.

In an interview with Vox, Nanette Senters described her work at the Lordstown, OH GM plant: one of the five plants that GM will close.

‘I work in the body shop; it’s basically the metal assembly division. I assemble pieces and parts in the car doors. I work like a human robot every day, but none of us mind working hard. We have good benefits and pay.’

When asked about whether she knew ahead of time about the plant closing, she said, ‘No. I was shocked. At 9:30 in the morning on Monday, we were all called into the break room, and they put on a video saying that the plant would be shuttered in March 2019.’

She recalled the reaction during the video: ‘There was a loud gasp. People started crying. All day long, people were crying. Then we just started getting angrier and angrier. We’ve done so much for this company. This is such an inhumane way to treat people.'”

For the full interview with Nanette Senters, visit Vox here.


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