Worker Records Anti-Union Video That Home Depot Forces Trainees To Watch

Home Depot is no friend of labor.

And it wants to make sure that incoming employees know that. And it’s doing that by forcing them to watch misleading anti-union videos, like the one below that an employee recorded, that are laughable to anyone that is familiar with the labor movement.

Sadly, some new and younger employees don’t have the labor background to differentiate between fact and fiction, leaving it to Home Depot to make a powerful impression with its video. That kind of impression can mean the difference between whether or not the company ever becomes unionized.

The video makes claims such as:

“Unions take money before you ever get to see it.”

“Unions cannot guarantee anything.”

“When you sign, you may be giving up your right to speak for yourself.”

See the video for yourself below and note ominous tone that the video sets for trainees.

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