Workers Are Resisting A Five-Day Workweek In The Office For One Big Reason: Commuting

Yahoo News reports:

“While Elon Musk may think remote work is “morally wrong,” the pandemic proved that being in the office is not essential to doing a wide range of jobs.

But many businesses have nevertheless started to make workers come back to the office at least a few days a week, with AmazonAppleGoogle, and Twitter leading the way.

However, many aren’t interested in giving up working from home completely — and some would even take a pay cut to keep that flexibility.

And studies suggest that commuting is the main reason employees don’t want to go back to the office full time because reclaiming commuting time has allowed many to spend more time on hobbies or with friends and family.

Public transport, especially in places like New York City or London, can be painfully expensive.

In NYCa single subway ticket costs $2.75, and a monthly MetroCard is $127. In London, a monthly pass will set you back anywhere from $193 to $353 a month, depending on where you live.

Those who drive to work don’t fare much better. American drivers spend an average of $1,771 a year on insurance alone, while those in New York also spend about $764 on gas, according to Bankrate, a mortgage-comparison website.”

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