Workers End Strike After Fast-Food Chain Agrees To Continue To Negotiate

Fast-food workers will return to the bargaining table and their strike after management agreed to continue negotiations.

CBS affiliate, KOIN, reports:

“The Burgerville Workers Union has ended a strike against the fast-food company after it agreed to continue negotiations on Sunday.

Wage negotiations have been ongoing and unsuccessful for the past 18 months. After meeting for 2 days, the union chose to walk out — beginning the BVWU’s longest and largest strike to date.

Once workers initiated the strike on Wednesday, union officials said in a statement they ‘will remain on strike until they’ve sufficiently demonstrated their strength to the company.’

But after the mass walkout of employees, Burgerville Corporate reached out to the union asking to meet once again.

Burgerville Corporate had previously said their last offer was also their ‘best’ and ‘final’ one. Now that they’ve agreed to continue wage negotiations, union workers agreed to return to work.”

For the rest of the story, visit KOIN here.

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