The Rick Smith Show

(TheRickSmithShow) April 19, 2019

Cherri Senders: We have union-made beer, clothing, and also services such as hotels…. Listen to the podcast

How to Find Union-MadeGoods

(Lifehacker) September 11, 2018

Unions are good and, according to a recent Gallup poll, most people want to support them. Considering the tumultuous year they’ve had… Read More

Local Union and Leader Honored for Strengthening Rights of Pot Dispensary Workers

(LA Weekly) June 15, 2018

Rigo Valdez is one of the good guys in the burgeoning California cannabis business yet he’s never sold a joint… Read More

Patriotism Is More Than Taking a Stand

(CityWatch L.A.) February 2, 2018

Considering just how patriotic the League is, it strikes us as hypocritical that the NFL’s replica jerseys that cost an arm and a leg are manufactured outside of America. … Read More

When Did Thanksgiving Become a Shopping Day?

(Huffington Post) Nov. 27, 2017

America loves to shop. And like the rest of the country, I love a good bargain. But do we have to be hunting for good deals on a national holiday – right in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner with the family? … Read More

Gig economy gives middle class little to celebrate on Labor Day: Guest Commentary

(Los Angeles Daily News) September 1, 2017

The gig economy is killing the American middle class. The benefits of Uber, Lyft and other app-based companies were sold as a win-win for consumers and workers alike. Need a cheap ride somewhere? … Read More

Giving Substance to ‘Made in America’

(Huffington Post) July 20, 2017,

With his announcement that this is “Made in America” week, President Donald Trump returned to a place where he has always excelled: campaign mode..… Read More

A handy guide to ethical consumerism

(The Union June 15, 2017,

Labor 411 President Cherri Senders spoke with Chuck Showalter about food, booze and supplies for summer fun that are US union made.… Read More

Stop the Rip Off! Resistance Merchandise Makers Need to Come to the Table

(Huffington Post) June 13, 2017,

As a progressive, I am gratified to see that there’s money to be made in resistance merchandise.… Read More

Labor Relations in the Twilight Zone

(The Huffington Post) April 13, 2017,

How about an Automated Secretary of Labor?… Read More

It’s not Always Better to do it Yourself

(The Huffington Post) April 13, 2017,

The self-checkout machines that permeate grocery, home improvement and big box stores are a customer and worker’s worst nightmare… Read More

A Grownup at the DOL

(The Huffington Post) Feb. 17, 2017,

The ink was barely dry on Andy Puzder’s withdrawal notice by the time President Trump, our Disruptor in Chief, put forward his next candidate for U.S. Secretary of Labor … Read More

Puzder or the More Compassionate Pretzel Man?

(The Huffington Post) Jan. 18, 2017,

If President Donald Trump is hell bent on naming a fast food industry leader as the nation’s next Secretary of Labor, I’d like to put forward another name instead — Bill Phelps … Read More

Why Black Thursday is anti-worker

(Sacramento Bee) November 22, 2016,

“How did respect for family time, not to mention our working population, take a back seat to the quest for a great deal on a flat screen TV?” … Read More

Shop ethically this Thanksgiving

(Workday Minnesota) November 21, 2016,

“This Thanksgiving, use your shopping dollars to support good jobs through a guide developed by Labor 411.” … Read More

Dispatches from the Year of the Worker

(Huffington Post) October 31, 2016,

“There’s no doubt 2016 will go down as the Year of the Worker.” … Read More

Piping up about how PEEPS Treats its People

(Huffington Post) September 9, 2016,

“PEEPS: it’s an American icon. And nothing shouts “God Bless America” more than PEEPS Patriotic Vanilla Crème Marshmallow chick, one of dozens of products produced by Just Born Inc. … Read More

Look for the Union Label for Your Labor Day Picnic or BBQ

(Alternet) September 5, 2016,

American families should look for the union label when buying items for their Labor Day party or cookout. … Read More

Make the Right Choice on Labor Day and Every Day

(The Huffington Post) September 2, 2016,

Our purchasing decisions – if made with some consideration – can be focused into what I like to call an Ethical Consumer Movement. I’m talking about a national movement through which we use the power of our spending dollars to speak out in favor of responsible businesses and against those that do not pay their workers the wages and benefits that they deserve. … Read More

#BuyBlue Campaign Promotes Responsible Spending at DNC

(citybizlist) July 28, 2016,

The Ethical Consumer Movement is headed to Philadelphia this July 25-28 to participate in the Democratic National Convention and recruit 50,000 liberal, politically astute convention goers to join the cause. Labor 411’s missionis to educate and empower consumers to use their spending power to strengthen the middle class. … Read More

At Democratic Convention, Push for Consumers to Buy American Union-Made Goods

(TheStreet) July 28, 2016,

The Ethical Consumer Movement is headed to Philadelphia this July 25-28 to participate in the Democratic National Convention and recruit 50,000 liberal, politically astute convention goers to join the cause. Labor 411’s missionis to educate and empower consumers to use their spending power to strengthen the middle class. … Read More

Labor 411 Headed to Philadelphia for DNC

(citybizlist) July 21, 2016

The Ethical Consumer Movement is headed to Philadelphia this July 25-28 to participate in the Democratic National Convention and recruit 50,000 liberal, politically astute convention goers to join the cause. Labor 411’s missionis to educate and empower consumers to use their spending power to strengthen the middle class. … Read More

A 411 to find fair labor businesses

(Newsworks) May 24, 2016

Philadelphia has joined Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., as cities where consumers can avail themselves of a pro-labor business guide. Labor 411 has started publishing a Philadelphia edition online, which will appear in print in time for the Democratic National Convention here at the end of July. … Read More

Consumers Should Choose Companies that Pay Workers Well

(LA Daily News) April 11, 2016

If you are like most Americans, you are worried about the historically high levels of economic inequality in this country. A recent New York Times poll found that two-thirds of respondents believe that the gap between rich and poor needs to be addressed now, and that income and wealth should be distributed more evenly. In a separate survey, nearly half of those polled by market firm GfK expect companies to provide good, living-wage jobs… Read More

BuyBlue this Monday

(UCOMM) April 8, 2016

The US consumer spends $7.5 Trillion dollars a year and one group is asking all of us to spend just 1% of that on goods produced and sold by companies that take care of their American workers. Labor 411 has announced that they are kicking off their BuyBlue campaign to reward good businesses… Read More

Oscars are So Union: Louis B. Mayer’s Middle-Class-Friendly Nightmare

(City Watch) Feb. 25, 2016

If Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s legendary co-founder Louis B. Mayer (Photo above, with actress Helen Hayes) were alive today, he would likely applaud the boycott of the Oscars, but not necessarily in protest of the lack of racial diversity at Hollywood’s preeminent awards ceremony. It would be to rail against the presence of all the card-carrying members of the Teamsters, the Screen Actors Guild and numerous other unions of the film industry’s highly organized workforce.Read More

This Martin Luther King Day – Let’s Fight to Improve the Economic Plight of Black America

(AlterNet) Jan. 17, 2016

As the nation prepares to honor King this year, the confluence between race and inequality remains a defining factor of the American socio-economic landscape.Read More

Millennials don’t put their money where their values are

(The Sacramento Bee) Dec. 22, 2015

If you talk to young people today about issues such as economic inequality or climate change, you will usually hear them profess deep concern. A survey released earlier this year found that economic and social inequality topped millennials’ list of concerns, followed by climate change.But the values embraced by those in their 20s and early 30s are not always in sync with their behavior, especially on inequality… Read More

On minimum wage, all economics is local

(Los Angeles Daily News) Dec. 18, 2015

While Democrat presidential aspirants have long paid lip service to the gap between rich and poor, Republican contenders usually shy away from the issue, dismissing it as class warfare. Now candidates from both parties seem to agree that the long-imperiled American Dream is among the nation’s greatest challenges, from Donald Trump (“The middle class is getting clobbered in this country”) to Hillary Clinton (“The deck is stacked against the middle class”)… Read More

Working at Home

(Los Angeles Business Journal) Nov. 23, 2015

The recent bankruptcy filing of American Apparel Inc. has created a media stir – not least because the downtown L.A.-based clothing company has for years bucked the trend of outsourcing garment manufacturing to countries with dirt-cheap labor… Read More

President Obama must speak out and stand up for labor unions

(Sacramento Bee on Labor Day) 9/7/15

We need a teaching moment on the indispensable role of organized labor. Too many Americans do not understand that unions built the middle class. The influence of big business has already generated the greatest wealth gap since the Great Depression… Read More

Americans should think bigger than $15 an hour this Labor Day

(LA Daily News) 9/4/15

As Labor Day approaches, the Fight for 15 has taken center stage in a nation where income inequality has finally become front-page news… Read More

Get Your Union-Made School Supplies Here

(The Union Edge) Aug. 13, 2015

Labor 411 President Cherri Senders talks about union made back to school supplies to get you started for the new school year… Read More

Something is missing from Los Angeles’ jobs strategy

(Los Angeles Daily News) July 26, 2015

Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson made headlines earlier this month by declaring that Los Angeles lacks a strategy to attract jobs. He pledged to rectify the situation by creating a special committee focused on job growth — a move applauded by business leaders who frequently find themselves at odds with the council… Read More

411 President Cherri Senders in the L.A. Business Journal!

(Los Angeles Business Journal) June 22, 2015

Low wages are hurting our consumer-driven economy – and the businesses that depend on it… Read More

Read President Cherri Senders’ Latest Op-Ed in the L.A. Daily News!

(L.A. Daily News) April 21, 2015

What minimum-wage supporters can learn from Earth Day advocacy… Read More

President Cherri Senders Writes About Cesar Chavez Day

(Alternet) March 31, 2015

50 years ago, the United Farm Workers launched their boycott… Read More

411 President Cherri Senders on America’s Work Force Radio!

(AWF Radio) March, 9, 2015

Cherri Senders, Publisher of Labor 411, talked about her organization and how they are committed to Buy Union, Buy American… Click Here to Listen

Labor pushes ‘union beers’ at Super Bow

(The Hill) Jan. 30, 2015

Football fans will be discouraged from drinking “non-union” beers like Guinness and Heineken while they’re at Super Bowl parties… Read More

More Than a Game: It’s Time We Put Our Money Where Our Values Are

(Capital & Main) Jan. 29, 2015

The Super Bowl reflects the best of us because it epitomizes the Land of Opportunity that rewards hard work — from the athletes on the field, to the broadcast crews, to all of the stadium and support staff it takes to put on a show like this… Read More

AFL-CIO Communications Director Chris Garlock discusses Labor 411 with Bruce DePuyt of News Channel 8 in Washington D.C.!

(NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt) Jan. 29, 2015

The AFL-CIO’s Chris Garlock talked about the campaign to get consumers to use their purchasing power to boost the middle class… Click here to watch!

Time for Americans to fight economic disparity with their consumer power.

(Los Angeles Daily News) Jan. 8, 2015

The single mother working two jobs who still can’t afford a decent place to live for her kids. The Army veteran flipping burgers at McDonald’s who needs food stamps to avoid going hungry. The 50-year-old struggling on $9 an hour after his skilled job was outsourced… Read More

Labor 411 Helps Santa and You With Holiday Headaches and Travel

(Patriot-Made Audiocast) Dec. 18, 2014

Here’s the second of Patriot-Made Audiocasts series of stories about how Labor411 and can help you spend your money on American made and Union Made products during the holidays… Read More

Holiday Gift Shopping? Check Out These Union-Made in America Ideas

(AFL-CIO Now) Dec. 14, 2014

It’s getting there, but it’s not too late yet to find that perfect holiday gift that carries a union label and is made in America… Read More

Help Santa Deliver U.S. Made Gifts and Support U.S. Jobs!

(Patriot-Made Audiocast) Dec. 12, 2014

Patriot-Made Audiocast talks with the publisher of, Cherri Senders. Labor411 provides directories and shopping lists of Union Made goods that make it easy to buy Made in USA… Read More

Fight inequality by shopping wisely

(Sacramento Bee) Dec. 5, 2014

How many times have we struggled to reconcile our feelings about the “season of giving” with the gross economic inequality we see all around us?… Read More

Krystal Clear: 12 days of shopping liberally

(MSNBC) Nov. 26, 2014

It’s that time of year again, your shopping list is long and your time is suddenly short. In the spirit of the season, why not support businesses that contribute to the greater good… Read More

Buy Union-Made in Washington, D.C.

(AFL-CIO Now) Nov. 19, 2014

The nation’s largest guide for savvy buyers who want to shop where employees are paid livable wages is expanding to the nation’s capital… Read More

Tricky Treats: Halloween Candy Options

(PR Watch) Oct. 29, 2014

As you stock up on candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters and prepare to inspect your children’s candy haul, do you know where those treats were made, and by whom?… Read More

Made In America: Fourth Of July BBQ Foods That Are USA-Made

(International Business Times) June 30, 2014

You may be hosting a patriotic barbecue for the Fourth of July on Friday, but are the BBQ foods you’re serving made in the USA?… Read More

Looking for the Union Label in All the Right Places

(Frying Pan News) April 24, 2013

Labor 411 has worked for years to grow the “Buy Union, Buy American” movement and to serve as a one-stop shopping resource for consumers who want to patronize unionized companies. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been, and continues to be, very rewarding to help get the word out about union brands. To learn more about Labor 411, its beginnings, and its philosophy, check out this Frying Pan News story featuring Labor 411… Read More

Labor 411 Buying Guide Promotes Ethical Consumerism

(Union Label & Service Trades Department) April 17, 2013

As a public relations professional specializing in communications for labor unions, Cherri Senders signed an agreement with the Los Angeles Labor Federation that she would “buy union whenever possible.”… Read More

Best Ever Guide to Union Made Products

( Teamster Nation) October 16, 2012

This is the best one we’ve seen so far. It’s an online guide called Labor 411… Read More

Union-Made Date Night Ideas

(AFLCIO NOW Blog) Sept. 8, 2012

If you’ve been glued to the couch all week watching the Democratic National Convention and the NFL season’s kickoff, you’re probably itching to get out of the house for a little bit. Our friends at Labor 411… Read More

There Once was a Unionmade

(Huffington Post) Sept 2, 2012

I recently came across a men’s clothing store in Brentwood, a tony neighborhood of Los Angeles, with the provocative name Unionmade… Read More

Power to the Purchase

(SF Chronicle) August 30, 2012

Use Labor Day celebrations to help rebuild the economy. Labor 411, the American-made product directory and website… Read More

Fish, Chips and Solidarity

(AFLCIO NOW Blog) August 3, 2012

Looking for a little taste of England as you settle in for a weekend of the Olympic Games? How about some fish and chips—union made? Our friends at Labor 411… Read More

Brother, Can You Spare A Lime?

(The Frying Pan) July 13, 2012

You don’t have to go to Havana to enjoy a good mojito (although such a visit would give you the chance to savor the old Bacardi headquarters, a jaw-dropping example of tropical art deco). Here’s a recipe from our friends at LA Labor 411… Read More

Call Grows for Olympic Uniforms to Be Made in the USA

(AFLCIO NOW Blog) July 13, 2012

Take a look at a few of these well-known American clothing companies that could have easily made the uniforms. The list is provided by our friends at the Labor 411… Read More

Made in America: July 4 Shopping List

(AFLCIO NOW Blog) June 29, 2012

This week leading up to July 4 we’re highlighting American products, jobs and stories for our Made in America series. What are your favorite Made in America… Read More

Blue Collar Cocktails For Summer

(The Frying Pan) June 15, 2012

This may be organized labor’s summer of discontent, but don’t tell that to the folks at L.A. Labor 411. The communications group… Read More

A Union-Friendly City: LA Welcomes Union Meetings and Conventions

(Discover Los Angeles)

A new union-focused directory, LA Labor 411, showcases the vast number of union-made goods and services in Los Angeles. Categories include hospitality, healthcare services, banking, professional services and much more… Read More