Good Jobs Through Consumer Activism

What is The BuyBlue™ Campaign?

The BuyBlue™ Campaign is a campaign to celebrate the tremendous buying power of consumers, and their ability to make a difference each and every day. We are asking shoppers to join us in our ethical consumer movement by choosing to spend their hard-earned money with socially responsible companies & employers that treat their workers fairly. We believe that by harnessing our consumer buying power, we are building stronger communities and helping to create thousands of good jobs across the country. We hope you will join us in ethically buying our way to a stronger America!

How to Buy Ethically

Find more than 10,000 socially responsible product on our online directory: Search the Consumer Products Directory for thousands of your favorite products! Or choose from hundreds of fabulous hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and more in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. or Philadelphia

The Ethical Consumer Movement

A vocal and organized Ethical Consumer Movement will help protect the middle class by insisting on good jobs for everyone. This grassroots effort organizes consumers to use their wallets and voting power to send a message to employers that the public understands and supports the fair treatment of all workers.

About Us

The BuyBlue™ Campaign is a campaign of Labor 411. We are here to make your consumer buying choices easy and fun. Let us teach you how your everyday buying decisions count!


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