By Ross Lenihan

This week’s union film recommendation is the Oscar-nominated “Mad Max: Fury Road,” directed by George Miller.  “Fury Road” is up for a whopping 10 Oscar nominations this year, including Best Picture, which makes it the second-most nominated film behind “The Revenant.” The incredible stunts and action scenes in the film – which look AMAZING even without CGI – were also union made.

By Sandy Southivilay

On January 17, 1915, a prominent activist for women rights, racial equality, and worker’s right, Lucy Parsons, lead one of the biggest unemployment demonstrations. More than 15,000 people gathered on the streets of Chicago, Illinois to rally against the city’s high unemployment rate and the appalling number of starving families. Parsons and demonstrators marched down Halsted, requesting City Hall to provide food relief and work for those in need.