by Sahid Fawaz

Each year we hear of more and more stores that are opening on Thanksgiving Day, depriving their employees of time with their families. But what often goes unmentioned are the stores that refuse to open on that day. Instead they give their employees a day of rest and put people over profits. Below are eighteen such stores. If you know of any other stores, let us know in the comments. And if any of these eighteen stores have changed their policies and are in fact opening on Thanksgiving Day this year, please let us know and we will remove them from the list.

by Sahid Fawaz Jim Wellehan is part of a growing voice of business owners who recognize the need for a higher minimum wage. His 100-year-old shoe company understands the importance of workers who make enough money to buy consumer goods and keep the economy growing. That is why his company insists on paying its workers a…

By Sahid Fawaz Do Americans have an accurate idea of the income inequality in today’s workplace? According to the latest research the answer is a resounding no. Most Americans aren’t even close in their estimates of the gap between worker and CEO pay. In the eye-opening video below from the Young Turks YouTube channel, startling…

By Shelly Lurie

We all know that Halloween isn’t just for kids. This recipe is for the 21-and-over crowd celebrating All Hallows’ Eve.

Making rummy worms is easy, with only two ingredients, and is great to bring to a party for those of legal drinking age. It only requires a little thinking ahead since it takes about 5 hours for the finished product. Picture your friends and family dressed up in costume slurping up slimy worms – it’s definitely in the spirit of Halloween.

By Shelly Lurie

San Francisco is undoubtedly rich in labor history. Part of that history is the iconic Buena Vista Café – the establishment credited with introducing Irish coffee to the United States. The beverage consists of coffee mixed with sugar and Irish whiskey with cream on top – a classic that warms you to the bone.