To our Labor 411 friends:

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating a very challenging and unsettling time for working Americans around the country. We may all be affected differently, but our fight remains a collective one – to protect the safety and livelihoods of all union workers.

Some members of our union family are on the front lines – in hospitals and clinics battling the epidemic. Other members are working long hours at grocery stores and pharmacies to serve the public. Our food service workers at restaurants and food facilities are making sure people have enough to eat. Firefighters and police are in the streets. While flight attendants and pilots are still flying, many construction sites are still up and running, and our news media partners continue reporting the news, many hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters in the hospitality and entertainment industries are suddenly unemployed and uncertain about their future.

We are heartened to hear stories of philanthropy and selfless giving, and rumbles that the government is stepping up – in the form of emergency loans, unemployment waiting periods being waved, and relief for rent and taxes. We have put together this resource page to help navigate the confusing information out there. We hope you find it helpful.

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Resources for Working Families


AFL-CIO COVID-19 Resources >

US Department of Labor COVID-19 page >
A resource on workplace safety, wages, hours and leave and unemployment regarding the pandemic

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center and Global Case Tracker >

CDC – Centers for Disease Control >

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency – List of Disinfectants >

Center for Biocide Chemistries – Products to Fight Coronavirus >


Los Angeles:


Los Angeles County Federation of Labor COVID-19 Resources >

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health >

Mayor’s office- What you should know about Coronavirus ( >

California Department of Public Health (state) >


New York:


New York State AFL-CIO – COVID-19 Resources for Working People >

New York City Central Labor Council >

New York City Department of Health >

New York State Department of Health >




Chicago Federation of Labor >

City of Chicago Coronavirus Disease Response Center >

Cook County Office of Public Health >




Philadelphia Labor Council & UFCW 1776 >

City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health and Disease Control >

Montgomery County >

State of Pennsylvania >


Washington DC:


Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO >

DC Department of Health >

US Department of Labor >


San Francisco:


San Francisco Department of Public Health >

State of California Department of Public Health >

Alameda County Public Health Department >

San Francisco Labor Council >

Additional Resources for Unemployed Workers

Here’s who qualifies for coronavirus paid sick leave under new federal law >
March 24, 2020 – Here’s who qualifies for paid sick leave, and who doesn’t, under the new federal emergency coronavirus relief package.

Coronavirus and labor law: Know your rights, from paid sick leave to working from home >
March 12, 2020 – How the coronavirus outbreak might affect you or your family depends heavily on where you work and live and the generosity of your employer’s benefits.

Where entertainment industry workers can go for help during the coronavirus crisis >
March 24, 2020 – Hollywood workers have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, a number of industry unions, organizations and businesses have stepped up to offer emergency assistance.

Resources for restaurants and workers affected by the coronavirus crisis >
March 17, 2020 – Restaurants have been blindsided by the coronavirus pandemic. Here is a guide to services available to those affected, including financial and legal aid.

Thank you to the LA Times for these resources

We all look forward to life returning to normal in the near future. Until then, stay strong, stay healthy. Together, we can do this! #UnionStrong

In Unity,

The Labor 411 Team