(LA) Union Night at the Theatre: Sting stars in “The Last Ship”

January 24, 2020 @ 8:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Ahmanson Theatre
135 N. Grand Ave. Los Angeles
$60 each
Evan Henerson
(818) 884-8966 x1102
(LA) Union Night at the Theatre: Sting stars in "The Last Ship" @ Ahmanson Theatre

Join Labor 411 at a special Union Night performance of The Last Ship, a musical about workers, starring Sting as shipyard foreman Jackie White.

Featuring original music and lyrics by Sting as well as a few of his best-loved songs—“Island of Souls,” “All This Time,” and “When We Dance.”

The Last Ship tells the story of Gideon, a prodigal son returning home after 17 years at sea to find that the local shipyard his town was built around is closing and Meg, the love he left behind, has moved on. Tensions flare and picket lines are drawn as foreman Jackie White (played by Sting) rallies the workers to take over the shipyard and build one last ship in the face of the gathering storm.

Get your tickets today! Tickets are $60 and include access to our special Union Night reception.

Labor 411 has a limited number of mezzanine level tickets. Normally priced at $120, these special Union Night tickets are available for $60 each.

Union Night pre-show reception will be near the theatre at 6:30 pm. The performance begins at 8 pm.

For more information, please contact Evan Henerson at (818) 884-8966 x1102 or evan@sendersgroup.com or Cherri Senders at (818) 884-8966 x1104 or cherri@sendersgroup.com

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