Cherri Senders, Publisher

Cherri Senders has been communicating about and for labor unions for more than 20 years and finally decided what the Labor Movement needed was an accurate and up-to-date union shopping guide – chock full of union-made products and services. And so Labor 411 was born. Now, she is very excited about Labor 411’s national expansion. Her company, Senders Communications Group, works with dozens of labor unions in Los Angeles and around California, producing newsletters, web sites, enews and social media – helping working families get a leg up in this economy. A journalist for more than a dozen years, Cherri honed her skills writing about social issues for local and national publications ranging from Omni, Working Woman and California Magazine to the LA Times and the LA Weekly. She has a BA from the University of Maryland.

Evan Henerson, Senior Editor

Evan’s career as a writer, editor and blogger spans journalism and nonprofit communications. His work has appeared in publications ranging from Orange Coast Magazine to TV Guide, to International Bowling Industry, American Theatre and the Los Angeles Daily News where he was a staff writer for nine years. While earning his Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from USC, Evan walked the entire length of Ventura Boulevard. The 16.7 mile trek from Studio City to Calabasas took him through his hometown of Sherman Oaks. He lives in the west San Fernando Valley with his wife and two sons.

Sahid Fawaz, Social Media and Marketing Director

Sahid Fawaz is a social media and communications expert with over a decade of digital me­dia experience in the labor movement. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insight on build­ing online communities and tailoring messages specifically for social media and the web. He previously served as Communications Director for the American Federa­tion of Musicians International. Sahid has a BA from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Busi­ness, and a JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.