Dunk Your Way to a Stronger America with March Madness Munchies

For one month, the NBA takes a backseat to the awesome American college basketball tournament known as March Madness. If you’re throwing a viewing party, take a look at our fun list of basketball-inspired supplies below. All support ethical companies that boost the American middle class.

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Things you can dunk
Oreos (check for Made in USA)
Keebler Cookies
Chip Ahoy!
Mission Chips
Nilla Wafers
Andy Boy vegetables

Things that dribble
Dr. Pepper
And a long list of beers…

Don’t pass on these
Act II Popcorn
Fig Newtons
Rice Krispies Treats
Rold Gold Pretzels

Things to shoot
Jack Daniel’s whiskey
Wild Turkey bourbon
Herradura tequila
Rain vodka
Southern Comfort

Always a winner: Cut down the net
Supplies from one of these ethical grocery stores