Enjoy the Dog Days of July

Nothing screams “summer!” quite like the sight (and taste) of a sizzling hot dog grilling away on the barbecue. Whether enjoyed plain or loaded with all the fixings, the hot dog is a tasty all-American favorite. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans purchase 350 million pounds of hot dogs (that’s 9 billion dogs) a year and devour more than 19 million hot dogs in stadiums during an average baseball season.

You don’t need a ball game to ‘dog it. July is National Hot Dog Month and July 19 is National Hot Dog Day. Since not all hot dogs are created equal, we suggest you choose your dog from those made by companies that treat their workers fairly. Shop smartly for your next barbecue and make sure your wieners are winners.

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Hot Dogs
Ball Park Franks
Farmer John
Hebrew National
Hillshire Farm
Oscar Mayer

Sausages and Brats
Boar’s Head
Wenzel’s Farm Sausage