3rd Annual Oscars Special

3rd Annual Oscars Special

The Oscars highlight the best in the movie business, and while we love to watch the stars (members of SAG-AFTRA) on the red carpet as much as anyone, there are multiple facets to film that are backed by union members. Costumers, cinematographers, stagehands, craftsmen and more make up an industry brimming with talent.

In their honor, we’ve put a fun list of union-made items together inspired by the Best Picture nominees for our 3rd Annual Oscars Special.

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American Sniper

Eye of the Hawk ale
Only the best, with the sharpest of vision. Check out some more Mendocino Brewing Company and other union-made beers here.


Cadbury Eggs
This bird certainly did not lay an egg, but you can eat one while you watch!


Mission Chips
With a passion surpassed by no one, Martin Luther King Jr. was a man on a mission.

Theory of Everything

Saying Stephen Hawking is smart is like saying Martin Luther King Jr. was a pretty good speaker.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Necco Wafers
Oh, that pastel-pink hotel! A color Necco would be proud of.

Imitation Game

Oreo Cookies
Several imitations, the original Oreo is the best.


Jim Beam whisky
Some heavy drinkers in this film. In a movie full of life lessons, it’s one that always applies: Drink responsibly.


Rice Krispies Treats
Snap, crackle, pop? There’s plenty of all three in this pulse-pounding, thumping good drumming drama.

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