Grilling Season

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Ah, summer! You may not have realized it, but July is National Grilling Month, National Picnic Month and National Hot Dog Month. Which means this weekend is the perfect occasion to toss some weenies on the grill or have yourself a picnic. When you hit the outdoors for summer food-related fun, choose the products below made by ethical companies that treat their workers with respect. Let’s all grill and picnic our way to a stronger America.

For the Grill
Ball Park franks
Butterball turkey tenderloins, drumsticks, burgers and franks
Dearborn Sausage Company
Empire Kosher chicken and turkey
Foster Farms poultry
Hormel beef, pork and chicken franks
Omaha Steaks

For the Side
Act II Popcorn
Chex Mixes
Rold Gold Pretzels
Slim Jim
Sun Chips
Wheat Thins

For the Cup
Bass Pale Ale
Bud and Bud Light
Coors Light
Killian’s Irish Red
Land Shark Lager
Mad River Brewing Jamaican Red
Miller Genuine Draft
Sam Adams
Dr. Pepper
Barq’s Root Beer

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