Mother’s Day 2018

Arrive in Style and Make Her an Ethical Meal

On Mother’s Day, every mom deserves chocolates, flowers, champagne or some combination of the three. To make the day even more special, why not cook a meal? You can either assemble a homemade Mother’s Day brunch and skip the restaurant crowds. Or wait until the evening and cook her a dinner in honor of all the dinners she has made for you.

Since you know best what kind of food she likes, we’ll leave the shopping list to you, but we’ll help you out with some chocolate and champagne suggestions. Check out our Consumer Products section for ingredients made by companies who treat their workers fairly. With love for all the moms and some tasty meals, we’ll build a stronger America.

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Buy your flowers and do your shopping at one of these fine ethical grocery stores

See’s Candies
Russell Stover

Great Western
Eden Roc
Jacques Reynard
Le Domaine
J. Roget

For more champagnes and wines, click here.

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