Spirits of the Season

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Who knew the first week of October was so jam-packed? We’ve got the change of seasons, Oktoberfest, Major League Baseball playoffs, wall-to-wall football, the Jewish New Year and even the impeachment proceedings, which requires all manner of fortification no matter which side of the aisle you prefer. And then there’s the immensely popular National Vodka Day, Friday Oct. 4. Rather than limiting you to vodka, we’ve assembled a can’t miss list of spirits and liqueurs manufactured by companies who treat their workers fairly and give them a voice on the job. Let’s all lift a spirited glass to building a stronger America.

Spirits and Liqueurs
Buffalo Trace Bourbon
Captain Morgan
Don Eduardo Tequila
Eagle Rare Bourbon
El Jimador Tequila
Gilbey’s Gin
Herradura Tequila
Jack Daniel’s
Jim Beam
Knob Creek
Maker’s Mark
Pinnacle Vodka
Rain Vodka
Seagram’s Seven
Southern Comfort
Tuaca Vanilla Liqueur
Wild Turkey 101

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