Get Your Ethical Blarney On at Home

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St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a social holiday with green-clad revelers hitting the bars or sham-rocking a local parade. Given the threat of the coronavirus, those options might be curtailed, but the holiday lives on. Whether you choose to seek out a gathering spot or bring the St Pat’s Day reveling into the comfort of your home, Labor 411 has plenty of ethical options to help the holiday along. The whiskey and beers listed below are all made by companies that treat their workers with dignity and give them a voice on the job. Through smart consumer choices, we help support good jobs and strengthen the middle class.

Happy St Patrick’s Day and let’s all help build a stronger America.

Green Food Coloring
Betty Crocker

Bass (IAM)
Beck’s (IAM)
Blue Moon (IUOE, IBT)
Budweiser (IBT, IAM)
Busch (IAM, IBT)
Butte Creek (IBT)
Coors (IBT)
Dundee (IBT)
Duquesne (IUE-CWA)
Genesee (IBT)
Goose Island (IBT)
Hamm’s (UAW, IAM, IBT)
Henry Weinhard’s (IUOE, IBT)
Iron City (IUE-CWA)
Jamaica Red Ale (IAM)
Keystone (IAM, IUOE)
Killian’s (IUOE, IBT)
Land Shark Lager (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Lionshead (IUOE)
Mad River (IAM, IBT)
Mendocino Brewing (IBT)
Michelob (IAM, IBT, IUOE)
Mickey’s (IUOE, IBT)
Miller Genuine Draft (UAW, IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Milwaukee’s Best (UAW, IUOE, IAM, IBT)
Natural Ice (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
O’Doul’s (non alcoholic) (IUOE, IAM, IBT)
Pabst Blue Ribbon (UAW)
Red Stripe (IUE-CWA)
Red Tail Ale (IBT)
Rolling Rock (IAM, IBT)
Sam Adams (IBT, IUOE, SEIU)
Schlitz (UAW)
Shock Top (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Steelhead (IAM)
Third Shift (IBT)

George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey (SEIU Firemen and Oilers)
Jack Daniel’s (UAW)
Jim Beam Rye (UFCW)
Sazerac (UFCW)
Seagram’s Seven (UAW)
Wild Turkey (UFCW, IBT)

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