4th Annual Oscars Special

4th Annual Oscars Special

The Oscars are a highly unionized event, from the people they honor – Hollywood films are made by thousands of union members – to the very show itself. For our 4th Annual Oscars Special we’ve put together another fun list of union-made items inspired by the Best Picture nominees.

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The Big Short
• Hasbro’s The Game of Life.
In the real game, a lot of people lost.

Bridge of Spies
• Lucky Charms
Sent on a nearly impossible mission, Tom Hanks will need all the luck he can get.

• Blarney’s Irish Cream
In honor of the Celtic main character.

Mad Max: Fury Road
• Any of the union-made vehicles found here.
Because the stars of this film are of the four-wheeled variety.

The Martian
• Crystal Springs water
Matt Damon wishes…

The Revenant
• Dial soap
Leo crawls inside a horse and is generally dirty throughout. He needs it.

• Puffs Facial Tissue
Because you’ll need them.

• Sam Adam’s Boston Lager
One of Boston’s best for a film set in Beantown.

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