Had your shot? Treat yourself the Ethical Way!

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When you were a kid, did your doctor ever give you a lollipop after giving you a shot? Well if she didn’t, she should have because there’s nothing like something sweet to lessen the sting. Now thanks to the ever-widening availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, we’re all getting jabs and nothing is sweeter than doing your part to take down a global pandemic. So if you have had your shot, celebrate the union way by indulging in a celebratory sweet. We recommend the brands below which are made by companies who treat their workers fairly and give them a voice on the job. Let’s all take the vaccine and help build a stronger America.


Almond Roca (BCTGM)
Baby Ruth (BCTGM, IBT)
Big Hunk (BCTGM)
Butterfinger (BCTGM, IBT)
Cadbury (BCTGM, UFCW)
Ghirardelli Chocolate (BCTGM)
Hershey Original Chocolate Bar (BCTGM, UFCW)
Hershey’s Kisses (BCTGM, UFCW)
Hot Tamales (BCTGM, IBT)
Ice Breakers (BCTGM)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (BCTGM)
Jolly Ranchers (BCTGM, UFCW)
Laffy Taffy (IBT, BCTGM)
Look! (BCTGM)
Mike and Ike (BCTGM, IBT)
Payday (BCTGM)
Red Vines (BCTGM)
Russell Stover (BCTGM, UFCW)
See’s Candies (BCTGM)
Sour Patch Kids (BCTGM)
Sugar Babies (BCTGM)
Sugar Daddy (BCTGM)
Tootsie Pops (BCTGM)
Zours (BCTGM)

To view more union-made products, visit our online directory.

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