Hoop…There it is! Snacks for March Madness

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We’re down to the Sweet Sixteen. Who’s going to make it to the NCAA Men’s College Basketball finals? In the weeks ahead, as March Madness reaches a fever pitch, there figures to be plenty of nail-biting action. But leave your nails alone! We’ve got much more tasty stuff to devour. Drinks, too! And all of it is made by companies that treat their workers fairly and give them a voice on the job. So as you’re stocking up for your at-home viewing party, chose from the ethical edibles below and help build a stronger America.

Happy watching!

Labor 411


Act II Popcorn (UFCW)
Chips Ahoy (BCTGM)
Doritos (BCTGM, IBT)
Fig Newtons (BCTGM)
Keebler Cookies (BCTGM, IBT)
Mission Chips (IBT)
Rold Gold Pretzels (BCTGM, IBT)
Ruffles (BCTGM)
Sun Chips (BCTGM, IBT)
Tostitos (BCTGM, IBT)

Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola (UAW)
Pepsi (IBT)
Dr. Pepper (UFCW, UAW)
Gatorade (UAW)
Sprite (IBT, UAW)

And more than 220 beers

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