Kick Off The NFL Season With Our Union-Made Beer And Snacks Shopping List

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It’s time for one of favorite union sports: NFL football! Will the Rams win it all again? Can the Bengals find a way to secure the trophy this year? Or perhaps super-human Tom Brady will add yet another ring? Regardless of what happens, one thing is for sure: snacks and drinks go great with some football. With that in mind, we’ve created a shopping list so that you can support good union jobs while you watch your favorite team. Browse the list below and cheer your team while enjoying union-made products.

Labor 411

Union-Made Beer

Anchor Brewing Company (ILWU)
Bass (IAM)
Beck’s (IAM)
Blue Moon (IUOE, IBT)
Budweiser (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Coors (IBT)
Dundee (IBT)
Goose Island (IBT)
Hamm’s (UAW, IAM, IBT)
Henry Weinhard’s (IUOE, IBT)
Keystone (IAM, IUOE)
Kirin (IAM)
LandShark Lager (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Leinenkugel (UAW, IUOE, IBT)
Mad River (IAM, IBT)
Mendocino (IBT)
Michelob (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Miller (UAW, IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Natural Ice (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
O’Doul’s (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Pabst (UAW)
Rolling Rock (IAM, IBT)
Schlitz (UAW)
Shock Top (IAM, IUOE, IBT)

Union-Made Snacks

Act II Popcorn (UFCW)
Cheez-It (BCTGM)
Cheetos (BCTGM)
Chex Mixes (IBT)
Doritos (BCTGM, IBT)
Rold Gold Pretzels (BCTGM, IBT)
Slim Jim (UFCW, IBT)
Sun Chips (BCTGM, IBT)
Wheat Thins (BCTGM, IBT)

Union-Made Soft Drinks

Barq’s Root Beer (IBT)
Coke (IBT)
Dr. Pepper (UFCW, UAW)
Pepsi (IBT, UAW)
Sprite (IBT, UAW)

To view more union-made products, visit our online directory.

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