Memorial Day Union-Made Shopping Guide

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Memorial Day is one of our favorite holidays. It’s a time to reflect on those who gave their lives for their country and a time to gather with family and friends over a three-day weekend. And a good gathering needs good food and drinks. If you’re shopping anyway for groceries, why not choose union-made? We’ve put together our exclusive list of products made by proud union members so that you can support good jobs with your wallet.

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Labor 411!

Hot Dogs

Ball Park (UFCW, IBT)
Butterball (UFCW, IBT)
Farmer John (IBT)
Hebrew National (UFCW, IBT)
Hormel (IBT)
Oscar Mayer (UFCW, IBT)

Ice Cream

Alta Dena (BCTGM)
Breyers (BCTGM, IBT)
Good Humor (IBT)


Cheez-It (BCTGM)
Chips Ahoy (BCTGM)
Clausen’s Pickles (BCTGM)
Doritos (BCTGM, IBT)
Fig Newtons (BCTGM)
Frito Lay (BCTGM, IBT)
Jell-O (UFCW)
Rold Gold Pretzels (BCTGM, IBT)
Sun Chips (BCTGM, IBT)
Wheat Thins (BCTGM, IBT)

Soft Drinks

Arizona Iced Tea (UFCW)
Coke (IBT)
Dr. Pepper (UFCW, UAW)
Mountain Dew (IBT)
Pepsi (IBT, UAW)
Powerade (IBT)
Sprite (IBT, UAW)


More than 250 varieties of union made beer. Check our directory and pick your favorite!


Bain de Soleil (AFGE)
Coppertone (IBT)


Rubbermaid (IBEW)

To view more union-made products, visit our online directory.

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