Our Healthy Union-Made Shopping Guide For American Heart Month

February was designated American Heart Month to raise public awareness of the leading cause of death in the country. In addition to exercise and stress management, eating the right foods can go a long way to a healthy heart. We’ve put together the list below of union products to make it easier to shop ethically while doing good for your heart. The categories are those designated by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Here’s to healthier hearts, from all of us at Labor 411.

Nuts and Seeds
David Seeds (UFCW)
Planters (IBT, UFCW)

Oils and Spreads
Smart Balance (UFCW)

Alta Dena (IBT)

Union Salads and Vegetables
Andy Boy (UFW)
Birds Eye Vegetables (UFCW, IBT)
Fresh Express Salads (IBT)
Healthy Choices (UFCW)
Monterey Mushrooms (UFW, IBT)
Overhill Farms (UFCW)

Union Yogurt (low-fat versions)
Danone’s Yogurt (BCTGM)
Dannon (IBT)
Yoplait (IBT)

Union Grocery Stores
Albertsons (UFCW)
Giant Eagle (UFCW)
Kroger’s (UFCW)
Ralph’s (UFCW)
Shoprite (UFCW)
Tops (UFCW)

Download PDF here.

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