Union-Made Back to School Shopping List

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As the summer trickles away, the young ones start packing their newly-purchased backpacks and lunchboxes with all of the supplies and goodies they will need for that annual journey known as “back to school.” That’s right. Most of you reading this have already sent your young ones back or are just about to. To make your job easier, Labor 411 has compiled a list of school supplies and lunch box edibles made by ethical companies who treat their employees with dignity and give them a voice on the job. So as you help your kids stock up for school, make the union choice and help us build a stronger America.

Labor 411

For the Backpack

ACCO brands (CWA)
Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper (CWA-USW)
At-A-Glance Academic Daily Planner (CWA-USW)
Mead Spiral Notebook (CWA-USW)
Trapper Keeper Folders (CWA)
Roaring Spring Pocket Folders (USW)
Industries for the Blind Inc. Composition Books (IAMAW)
Swingline Stapler (CWA)

From the Closet

All American Clothing (IBEW)
Carhartt (IBT)
Union Jeans (IBT)
Wigman (IBT)

For the Nose

Kleenex Tissues (USW)
Puffs Tissues (UFCW)

Drink Up

Dasani (IBT)
Gatorade (UAW)
Minute Maid Juice (IBT, UAW)
Mott’s Juice (IBT, UAW, UFCW)
Snapple (UAW, IBT, UFCW)
Tropicana (UAW)
Welch’s Juice (IBT, UAW)

To view more union-made products, visit our online directory.

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