Union-Made Father’s Day Shopping List

Treat your dad or husband to a union-made gift on Father’s Day! Our guide has tools, sporting goods, and delicious bourbon. Or choose from over 11,000 union-made products in our directory. This Father’s Day, vote with your wallet and support good union jobs.

Happy Father’s Day from Labor 411!


Armstrong (IBEW, UAW)
Black & Decker (UAW)
Channellock (IBEW, UAW)
Craftsman (IBEW, IBT)
Eklind Tool Co. (IBEW)
Hardcore Hammers (IBEW)
Klein Tools (IBEW)
Loggerhead Tools (IBEW)
Moody Tools (IBEW)
Park Tools (IBEW)
Rigid (IBT)
S-K Handtool (IBEW)
SnapOn Tools (IBEW, UAW)
Stanley Hand Tools (IBEW)
Stilleto Tool Co. (IBEW, UAW)
Wilde Tool (IBEW)
Wright Tool (IBEW)

Sporting Goods

American Athletic (UAW)
Louisville Slugger (USW)
Nordic Track (IBT)
Spalding (IBT)
Standard Golf (IAM)
Top-Flite Golf Balls (IBT)


Basil Hayden (IBT)
Benchmark (UAW)
Blanton’s (UAW)
Bulleit (USW)
Eagle Rare Bourbon (UAW)
Elijah Craig (UAW)
Evan Williams (UAW)
Fighting Cock (UAW)
Four Roses (UFCW)
Heaven Hills Brands UFCW
Henry McKenna (UAW)
Jim Beam IBT, (UAW)
Kentuky Gentleman (UAW)
Knob Creek (IBT)
Old Grand-Dad (UAW)
Van Winkle (UAW)

To view more union-made products, visit our online directory.

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