Union-Made Low Carb Diet Shopping Guide

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It’s a new year! And for millions of Americans that means new resolutions to diet. One popular mainstay diet is the low carb plan, which consists mostly of items like meats, vegetables, and nuts. People rave about the weight loss that they’ve seen with it, which is easier to comply with because of the delicious food choices. If you’re looking start the year with a great diet, check out the union-made shopping guide below and help support good jobs with each purchase.

Happy New Year from all of us at Labor 411.

Union Meats

Always Tender Pork (UFCW, IBT)
Appleton (UFCW)
Berks Brand (UFCW)
Black Forest (UFCW)
Boar’s Head (UFCW, IBT)
Butterball (UFCW, IBT)
Cook’s (UFCW)
Empire Kosher (UFCW)
Farmland Bacon and Ham (UFCW)
Foster Farms (UFCW)
Hillshire Farm (UFCW, IBT)
Hoffman’s (UFCW)
Honest John (UFCW)
Hormel (UFCW, IBT)
Kunzler (UFCW)
Nature Raised Farms (UFCW)
Palisades Ranch (UFCW)
Pepe’s Pork rinds (IBT)
Rogers Poultry (UFCW)
Smithfield (UFCW, IBT)
Star Ranch Angus (UFCW)
Thumann’s (UFCW)
Tyson (UFCW)
Valley Fresh Chicken (UFCW, IBT)
Valleydale Bacon (UFCW, IBT)
Zwiegle’s Meats (UFCW)

Union Vegetables

Andy Boy (UFW)
Birds Eye Vegetables (UFCW, IBT)
Fresh Express Salads (IBT)
Healthy Choices (UFCW)
Monterey Mushrooms (UFW, IBT)
Overhill Farms (UFCW)
Sunripe Brands Tomatoes (UFW, IBT)

Union Nuts

Planters (UAW)

Union Grocery Stores

Albertsons (UFCW)
Giant Eagle (UFCW)
Kroger’s (UFCW)
Ralph’s (UFCW)
Shoprite (UFCW)
Tops (UFCW)

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