“Working with Labor 411 provides more exposure to different unions that we wouldn’t normally have access to and gets us in front of some of the other vendors, as well, that can continue to support them.”

“We get our message out in Labor 411’s annual brochure that showcases union services and that’s really important to us, that people get a hold of that, look through there and see our name in there. That’s essential to us.”

“Labor 411 is well respected, well established within the labor forces. I think that’s a big advantage of working with them. They’re the big dog so we benefit from working with them.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I go to my Labor 411 book to find a printer or to find a hotel or whatever it is that we’re looking for. All the staff in the office have a 411 book and all are instructed to use it when they want to purchase something. We…

“The Teamsters strongly support Labor 411. It’s a vital tool for buying union-made products – and sustaining good jobs.”

“Labor 411 has been a great ally for Bank of Labor. I love seeing the directory, on a labor leader’s desk or in a local’s reception area. We are proud to be a part of and support the Labor Movement’s official directory.”

“I support what Labor 411 does. I think they’re fantastic in promoting union services and products. It’s a great directory for our union members. Our Local purchases directories and hands them out at union meetings. We have them at the union hall and we try to promote things that are made union. I support Labor…

“Each dollar you spend is a vote for what you support. Check Labor 411 to buy American, and support American jobs and workers.”