UAW Releases Ratification Numbers: 64% Of Members Said Yes To Big Three Contract Deals

The ratification numbers are in.

Yahoo News reports:

“The United Auto Workers (UAW) union said Monday that 64% of workers at the Detroit Three automakers voted to ratify new contracts.

The votes lock in the UAW’s tentative agreements with the automakers through April 2028, which include a 25% increase in base wages and will cumulatively raise the top wage by 33%, compounded with estimated cost-of-living adjustments to over $42 an hour.

The ratification is a relief for the automakers after the strike halted production at various plants across the U.S. A rejection could have led to new strikes and pressure from UAW leaders for more costly contracts.

Despite the opposition from workers at some major facilities, UAW members voted to ratify the contract by a near two-third margin.

Votes in favor of the agreement from workers at some parts and components operations who stand to get substantial raises as they move to higher pay classifications outweighed votes against the contract from some veteran workers.

‘After years of cutbacks, months of our Stand Up campaign, and weeks on the picket line, we have turned the tide for the American autoworker,’ UAW President Shawn Fain said in a statement on Monday.”

For the rest of the story, visit Yahoo News here.


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